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About Succulent Hub

My story

Hi, my name is Hilary (the one in the middle of the photo above) and I have a confession to make. I find keeping my plants in tip-top condition really difficult!
I don’t get the watering right and I put my pot plants in the wrong spot so they get too much (or too little) sun.
I’ve even knocked the flowers off my preciously grown plant because I’d put it next to the fridge and there were too many people in the kitchen.
Despite this, I love having plants in my home, on the balcony and in the garden.
Succulents and cacti are beautiful and calming to look at, with their structural forms and amazing variety.
Box of Colorful Succulents
Succulents and cacti can be forgiving too – not needing too much care and attention from us busy people. And they don’t usually cost too much money either – they need very few supplies or equipment.
So I’m on a mission to find out how to look after my succulents and cacti – and other beautiful plants I find along the way – and then make that information easy to find and use by everyone else.
So here we are – Succulent Hub – the website for everyday folks who are just trying to keep those darn succulents and cacti alive, thriving and even flowering occasionally!

Got questions?

We are here to answer your questions! If you have a question about your succulents and cacti that we haven’t covered on the website, well you are probably not the only person wanting that information and we really should create a new article about that!
Drop us a line and we’ll get researching and writing!
If you would like get in touch –  please contact us here.