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About Succulent Hub

My story

Hi, my name is Hilary. I’m the one in the middle of the photo above and I’ve been growing succulents for over 50 years.
I’m here to show that everyone can grow succulents successfully by following just a few basic principles.
Simple guidelines. No fancy equipment. Easy. Quick.
Admittedly, the first few years were firmly in the ‘leave on the windowsill and forget’ in the way that most children look after plants. But I loved buying them at local markets and watching them flourish in the sunny window in my bedroom.
Whenever they flowered, they were displayed to the whole family. And I’ll never forget when my first cactus flowered – the perfume and scent that filled the room got me hooked.
Over the subsequent years, I’ve kept succulents, cacti and other plants in my homes.
The conditions can be challenging, especially indoors when you have artificial heating and air conditioning confusing the hell out of your plants.
Keeping plants in tip-top condition can be difficult if no one has told you the basics. Getting the watering right can be a challenge and none of us can control the sun!
I’ve got it wrong, killed plants, neglected them and even knocked the flowers off a preciously grown plant because I’d put it on the kitchen bench and there were too many people passing by.
Despite this, I love having plants in my home, on the balcony and in the garden.
Succulents and cacti are beautiful and calming to look at, with their structural forms and amazing variety.
Hilary with succulent
Succulents and cacti can be forgiving – not needing too much care and attention from us busy people. Small, young succulents are usually inexpensive, and you can create your own new plants from offsets, cuttings, and even leaves. And bonus, they need very few supplies or equipment.
IMHO, succulents are the best plants for amateur plant growers and anyone wanting to bring some life and color into their home, balcony or garden.
Start with our guide to the Easiest Succulents To Take Care Of.
So I’m on a mission to cut to the chase and let you know how to look after your succulents and cacti EASILY.
It’s not about being perfect and spending hours tending your plants. 
Succulenthub is about simple information that doesn’t need a degree in rocket science to follow it (although I do have one of those).
So here we are – Succulent Hub – the website for everyday folks who are just trying to keep those darn succulents and cacti alive, thriving and even flowering occasionally!

Got questions?

We are here to answer your questions! If you have a question about your succulents and cacti that we haven’t covered on the website, you are probably not the only person wanting that information and we really should create a new article about that!
Drop us a line. We will get back to you personally.
If you would like get in touch –  please contact us here.
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